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COZONI personifies a love of simple, clean lines, geometric angles, that timeless modern designer look with a nod to the modern and mid-century designers. It’s our passion for design that has us searching and connecting direct with manufacturers to bring you that ultimate statement piece of art as furniture to your space. COZONI has that piece that you cannot live without.

100% handmade soap bar

Our Melbourne location holds artistically designed and meticulously crafted furnishing pieces. Whether it is that one focal piece for your room or you’re furnishing an entire space, we are your partner in creating beautiful, clean, streamlined spaces.

There is a timeless truth that building relationships and connections bring us the deepest joy and benefits. This holds true today and we have built longtime business relationships with manufacturers who have great skill and dedication to quality that is a cornerstone of COZONI.

100% handmade soap bar

COZONI has a passion for quality. We believe in impeccably designed furniture crafted with a commitment to satisfaction with every piece. You are at the centre of our drive, our search for the furniture that you want for your space.

It’s that attraction to form and function, the love of the elegant and simple lines of an accent piece or the one that takes centre stage in your room’s design that is at the heart of what you’ll find at COZONI. A glance back to a by-gone era that still resonates confidence in our spaces and lives today.