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What's Leathaire

by COZONI TEAM on June 05, 2022

Leathaire, known as the "Breathing fabric," is characterized by its appearance, color and texture that look and feel like leather. Let's see what its performance is.

Unhydrolyzed features

Different from traditional fabrics, and more unlike leather /PU leather, leathaire looks like leather and is skin-friendly. It combines the texture of leather with the comfort and skin of cloth, and combines 0.1mm yarn with fine density.The same quality, never hydrolyzed. 

Super breathability

There are 10,000 micro air holes per square meter. Even in hot summer, there will be no sweat and sticky feeling. Excellent breability, allowing every inch of your skin to breathe freely

Bionics design

Using the most advanced international bionic design concept, through the 3D bionic inverted mold process design, the beauty of the high-quality skin texture in nature is originally presented in the home life. The perfect combination of comfort, quality and fashion. 

Ultra-high wear resistance index

After the fabric is pressed by multi-layer composite and special texture, it presents the effect of thick and full sense, comfortable and light texture. The special surface wear-resistant layer makes the fabric wear-resistant index far more than 5 times the national standard.

Ultra-strong flexibility

Super-fiber leathaire, selected ultra-long and flexible fine fibers, combined with the world's leading textile technology. It has firmness, firmness, good extension and anti-wrinkle properties. After any twisting and stretching, the fabric can quickly restore the original smooth texture.

Never fade

Technical fabrics strictly select high-quality fabrics and use imported dyeing technology to make them have a good fixing effect. The fabric is easy to care for, washable, and it will last forever.

Extreme feel

The fabric is not only visually close to real leather, but also superior in softness to leather. The use of a variety of texture designs makes leathaire have more texture choices to meet the requirements of different sofa styles.

Comfortable and warm

In addition to the conventional surface layer and base cloth, a layer of warmth is added. Make the fabric obtain excellent heat storage performance. Under normal temperature test, its heat storage performance is far better than real leather and PU leather. The four-season constant temperature characteristic of leathaire makes the "leather" sofa warm and pleasant in winter.